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Christmas event 22/12/2016

Palestinian youth needs art to grow and develop.

Ramallah Ballet Center - Dance School was established in may 2011 in Ramallah, Palestine.
Our goal is to provide people of different ages a professional place to dance, act and think in a caring and loving atmosphere.

Palestinian youth needs art to grow and develop.
Through dancing, painting and drama therapy children will be given a peace of mind to think in a positive way.
They will use these skills to develop our society, ultimately living and dealing with people in peace.

1. Expose Palestinians to the arts, specifically ballet and dance.

2. Provide Palestinian children a safe space where they can think and express themselves freely and creatively through dance, crafts and acting.

3. Offer more dance courses to young adults and grown-ups.

4. To raise awareness about ballet and build respect towards the art of dance.

5. Develop the centre into a more professional dance school.

Ballet , Art and craft , Belly dance for ladies , Tango for men and women , Salsa , Contemporary dance And Drama therapy

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